you only live once.
just run.


We are a group of runners who love to live life and run.

Our mission is to inspire fitness.

Get access to a community committed to enrich lives with running.

Exclusive Experiences

Join us for an experience that goes beyond exercising, as we combine adventure and camaraderie into our weekend runs. We will share with you exclusive routes which you can either explore by yourself or with us through guided routes.

Priority access

Be the first to know about the virtual runs we organise or participate in. You will also have priority access to YOLO merchandise as well as any goodies we receive as part of our collaborations with brands.

to run is to have lived.

Coaching & Mentorship

Access to a curated community with mentors who are experienced runners. Most have started out as beginners in our community.

These mentors will help you along your running journey, sharing with you the lessons they have learned, helping you achieve your fitness goals in a more sustainable way.

Member discounts

Continue your fitness journey in an affordable and sustainable way as we work with like-minded sports brands to provide you exclusive discounts to fitness gears and apparels.


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