YOLO 2.0 Membership

YOLO 2.0 Membership

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Join one of the most fun-loving running communities in Malaysia and get access to the following benefits:

  • Curated Experiences & Routes 

    Also known as Yoloexplore, which provides experiences that incorporate adventure and camaraderie into weekend runs. Get access to curated routes which you can either explore by yourself or with us through guided routes. Starting from 1st July 2023, we are offering complimentary runs to public. Member privileges includes being the first to know about our runs and access to our route maps.

  • Coaching & mentorship 

    Access to online coaching and mentorship from experienced runners. 

  • Priority Access 
  • Be the first to know about Summersault virtual runs and have priority access to YOLO merchandise as well as any goodies we receive as part of our collaborations with brands.

  • Member Discounts 

    Continue your fitness journey in an affordable and sustainable way as we work with like-minded sports brands to provide you exclusive discounts to fitness gears and apparels.

Monthly deliverables include exclusive access to:

  • ONE monthly Strava challenge with online coaching
  • Minimum TWO curated community runs per month at Klang Valley locations 

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Road to KLSCMarathon 2022

Bitter-sweet moment as we run our last Yoloexplorer run for the very last time on 29 Oct 2022

What a journey it has been the last 7 months, waking up Saturday mornings to group run various scenic routes all over Bangsar, Federal Hills, Perdana Botanica Garden and even Bukit Tunku aka Kenny Hills... all in preparation for the finale ie KLSCMarathon happening on 12-13 Nov 2022

All these weren't possible without the tremendous dedication & passion of 2 individuals, Coach Lily Sim & the ever-helpful Fabian Ooi... both of whom wakes up in the wee AM every Saturday morning (continuously for 7 months) just to make the weekly Yoloexplorer runs possible for us all.. what a display of commitment

Unlike any other running communities, I felt so much support by the display of camaderie led by Coach Lily Sim & her very supportive sidekick Fabian. Here too i feel the need for a special TQ shoutout to the Yoloexplorer batch 2022 fellow running mates Andy, Beatrice, CK, CatLynn, Cheryl, Chris, Daniel, Epa, Fathimath, Felicia, Jason, Jaz, Jen, Jmy, Hannah, Lilian, Milad, Ngoh, Rose, Lena, Vanessa, Rue, Shash & Rachel Lai for it is you guys that makes this community running group uniquely the best among others & one I'm proud to call my running club.. you guys are my reason why I look forward to each Saturday and why running dreams becomes attainable

Till we meet & run again in 2023, all the best to all our coming KLSCMarathon 2022 run which we had all been training for... go rock it guys 💪🏻💪🏻 it had certainly been a heavenly ride ehh


Cheryl De Souza
Yoloexplore helps in building strong running foundation

When I joined the weekly hill runs at Bangsar, it served as a good training ground , it builds a solid foundation to run faster and stronger
It definitely help me perform much better in terms of uphill and speed at King of Kemensah 10km trail run.

Gentle, kind and inspiring running group

The universe must have been hearing my pleas for a 'gentle', kind, inspiring running group and Yolopacers just dropped right in front of my eyes while scrolling one day. The vibe here is just amazing. Awesome coaches, sweepers, mentors and fellow group mates. I appreciate all of you! Keep running, keep inspiring.

ku hannah
Warm and Welcoming to new runners in Yolo2.0

I'm a relatively new runner who started joining more yoloexplores and yoloevents under yolo2.0 and I love how more seasonal runners have been so motivating and inspiring to newbies like me!

Roseline Yap
Awesome activities and support on running

Registered as a member in mid April 2022. Love the variety of activities via community runs, sharing of information and support among members. Will definitely get my family and friends to join as sharing is caring. Thank you ❤️!